Firstly thank you for visiting my blog! I’m a Yorkshire girl, living in London, taking pictures on street corners.

I’ve been creating outfits since the 90’s - no literally! As a kid my mum used to let me buy three new outfits each summer and winter. And being the savvy fashionista I am I’d make sure they all worked with each other so really I had six outfits not three. That was me thinking I was outsmarting my mum but really it was just the start of the fashion obsessed adult version of me.

So I decided to create a blog as an outlet for unhealthy obsession for fashion and style. I’d say my day to day look can be pretty ‘beige’, throw me a pair of jeans and a jumper any day! But I also like to mix it up a little, I dabble with colour, experiment with print and occasionally throw on a skirt. I hope to inspire you and help make your wardrobe ‘beige but not boring’

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope it doesn’t disappoint!